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387 Red ginseng extracts as an adjunctive therapeutic for gout: preclinical and clinical evidence 2021-01-01
386 Combination treatment with Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-1, vitamin B, and curcumin ameliorates the progression of osteoarthritis by inhibiting the pro-inflammatory mediators 2020-12-01
385 Myeloid-derived suppressor cells therapy enhance immunoregulatory properties in acute graft versus host disease with combination of regulatory T cells 2020-12-01
384 Intermittent Fasting Aggravates Lupus Nephritis through Increasing Survival and Autophagy of Antibody Secreting Cells in MRL/lpr Mice 2020-11-01
383 Liposome/gold hybrid nanoparticle encoded with CoQ10 (LGNP-CoQ10) suppressed rheumatoid arthritis via STAT3/Th17 targeting 2020-11-01
382 Pilot study: asymptomatic hyperuricemia patients with obesity and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease have increased risk of double contour sign 2020-11-01
381 Type I Interferon Increases Inflammasomes Associated Pyroptosis in the Salivary Glands of Patients with Primary Sjögren's Syndrome 2020-10-01
380 Trabecular bone loss contributes to radiographic spinal progression in patients with axial spondyloarthritis 2020-10-01
379 Clinical effiacy and safety of injection of stromal vascular fraction derived from autologous adipose tissues in systemic sclerosis patients with hand disability: A proof-of-concept trial 2020-09-01
378 Positive histopathologic assessment in salivary glands shows little impact on clinical features of established primary Sjogren’s syndrome in a Korean population 2020-09-01
377 Relationship between faecal calprotectin and inflammation in peripheral joints and entheses in axial spondyloarthritis 2020-09-01
376 Epidemiological profile and north-south gradient driving baseline systemic involvement of primary Sjogren's syndrome 2020-09-01
375 Longitudinal Association Between Trabecular Bone Loss and Disease Activity in Axial Spondyloarthritis: A 4-year Prospective Study 2020-09-01
374 Lactobacillus sakei suppresses collagen-induced arthritis and modulates the differentiation of T helper 17 cells and regulatory B cells 2020-08-01
373 Brown adipose tissue ameliorates autoimmune arthritis via inhibition of Th17 cells 2020-07-01
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