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Service models

Rheumatoid arthritis

We provide efficacy evaluation service focused on clinical usefulness of candidate drugs using Type Ⅱ collagen-induced arthritis model and genetically modified mice (knock-in or knock-out of particular genes).

Model Evaluation interval Evaluation items
Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist knockout (IL-1RaKO)
Many genetically modified mice
Twice a week
  • Joint swelling, changes in body weight and spleen weight
  • Analysis of serum immunoglobulin(Ig)
  • Analysis of inflammatory cytokine
  • Analysis of T cell subtype, genes

Service analysis

Animal model

  • Arthritis clinical score evaluation
  • Weight changes
  • Measurement of antigen-specific IgG in serum

Tissue analysis

  • Spleen weight
  • Joint inflammation, cartilage damage
  • Tissue staining of 4~6 types of inflammatory cytokine*
  • Micro CT images of joints
  • X-ray images

Cytologic analysis of spleen and lymphatic gland*

  • T, B cell subsets and staining*
  • Analysis of 4~7 types of cytokine/chemokine* (open to negotiation with researcher)
  • Flow cytometry of Th1/2/17, Treg cells (open to negotiation with researcher)
  • Analysis of 3 types of genetic markers (open to negotiation with researcher)
* Premium Service