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Service models

Surgically induced osteoarthritis rabbit and rat model

We provide efficacy evaluation services focused on clinical usefulness of candidate drugs for osteoarthritis, based on research of surgically induced osteoarthritis in rabbits and rats through ACLT (anterior cruciate ligament transection) and MMx (medical meniscectomy).

보유모델 정보
Model Evaluation interval Evaluation items
New Zealand white rabbit
Once or twice a week
  • Weight changes, level of pain
  • Changes in weight bearing center
  • Histopathological analysis
  • Microscopic observation of changes in cartilage
  • Micro-CT, MRI

Service analysis

Animal model

  • Weight changes
  • Level of pain

Tissue analysis

  • Analysis of joints, inflammation, cartilage damage (H&E stain, Saframin O stain)
  • Tissue staining of 4~6 types of inflammatory cytokine (IHC added)

Imaging analysis

  • Extent of damage to the shinbone and thighbone (Micro-CT/MRI)