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Service models

Obese rheumatoid arthritis

We provide efficacy evaluation services for candidate drugs targeting inflammation and abnormal metabolism using an animal model of obese rheumatoid arthritis caused by high fat diet (HFD)

Model Evaluation interval Evaluation items
Genetically modified mice
Twice a week
  • Joint swelling, changes in body weight and spleen weight
  • Histopathological analysis
  • Analysis of serum immunoglobulin (Ig)
  • Analysis of serum glucose, LDL-cholesterol, total cholesterol, triglyceride
  • Analysis of inflammatory cytokine
  • Analysis of T cell subtype, genes

Service analysis

Animal model

  • Arthritis clinical score evaluation
  • Weight changes
  • Measurement of antigen-specific IgG in serum
  • Serum glucose, LDL-cholesterol, total cholesterol, triglyceride

Tissue analysis

  • Spleen weight
  • Joint inflammation, cartilage damage
  • Tissue staining of 4~6 types of inflammatory cytokine*
  • Micro CT images of joints
  • X-ray images
  • In vivo imaging micro-CT (micro-computed tomography)

Cytologic analysis of spleen and lymphatic gland

  • T, B cell subsets and staining
  • Analysis of 4~7 types of cytokine/chemokine*(open to negotiation with researcher)
  • Flow cytometry of Th1/2/17, Treg cells (open to negotiation with researcher)
  • Analysis of 3 types of genetic markers (open to negotiation with researcher)
* Premium Service